Content Autopilot set

When ordering the Pcnautic Autopilot you get:

A: Tiller drive (with internal rudder position transmitter and equipped with end stops) Equipped with Pushrod extension (1) at desired length, Bracket & pin and Cable (2) at desired length with a 5 pin Angled or straight plug (3) to wish.

B: ControlHead (with internal sensor for roll, pitch, yaw and heading in 9 axes) At the rear, the Controlhead is equipped with a Waterproof USB plug and the connection for the MotorController

C: Gasket of 2mm closed cell rubber for sealing between ControlHead and cockpit wall.

D: MotorController fitted with the cable (5) at the desired length with Socket Connector straight or angled, Cable (6) at the desired length with plug and Power Cable (7) 2X1mm2 at the desired length.

E: Tiller pin for mounting on the tiller so you can click the TillerDrive on it.

F: Brass Mounting socket in which the Bracket pin of the TillerDrive can be placed.

X: Inclusive SunCover:

After ordering, you have to answer the following questions:

1: The standard midstroke is 620mm do you need a modified midstroke? If so what is your midstroke? The midstroke is the distance between the Tiller pin and Brass Mounting socket with rudder in the middle. A minimum midstroke of 600mm is possible, maximum 1070mm, see:

2: The length of TillerDrive cable with plug, standard 75cm, maximum 1 meter. (if you would like a longer length, please contact us.)

3: The plug on the drive, straight or angled?

4: The Socket straight or angled (Angled version is suitable for a maximum wall thickness of 15mm)

5: Cable length between Socket (4) and MotorController (D) is maximum 1 meter. The MotorController is normally placed close to the Socket (4) which is usually in the Cockpit locker. (if you would like a longer length, please contact us.)

6: Cable length in meters between MotorController (D) and ControlHead (B). The Controlhead is usually placed somewhere around the cabin entrance.

7: Power cable in meters if required, from MotorController usually to the switch panel for your instruments, we supply 2x1mm2 wire.

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